It is fascinating to watch Matching Pursuit mature with each passing episode ... The story arc is quite compelling with a strong 'wonder what will happen next' element that will bring audiences in and keep them engaged.

Allen Weiner, The Daily Dot

Nora began her work as a producer, writer, and director on Matching Pursuit, a dry romantic comedy web series co-created with Rachel Abrams. The team released eight 10-minute episodes, successfully raised over $10,000 on Kickstarter, and received a public screening at Chicago's Lincoln Hall with live music accompaniment by The Dixie Hoppers.  Visit to watch the series. 

She recently co-wrote and co-directed two short films with Sean Gallagher, produced by Mudlark Theater, and performed/crewed entirely by young people.

Nora is especially drawn to stories of strong heroines, women in struggle, and intergenerational connections. She aims to find humor and depth in everyday moments. She works in close collaboration with her DP, Crew, and Editing partners.

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